Researcher and Ambassador – project for youngsters from Bohemia and Bavaria

In September 2012 launched Jugendbildungsstätte Waldmünchen long term pioneer project bearing the name Future in Focus. Its goal is to familiarize 1000 adolescents from Czech Republic and Bavaria with the potential and possibilities of their region through the work of local youth. Regional development and professional orientation are one of the main aspects that can’t do without the language motivation and meeting of the both cultures. Since September 2012 44 motivated students from Czech Republic and Bavaria try to prove that their region is not just a void space, but a space offering diverse resources, great opportunities and good living standard. During the Start-Up weekend several groups were formed who since then deal with themes such as: migration and integration, renewable energies and wood as a resource, common labour market, professional and educational systems and tourism and unique features of this common space in the middle of Europe. The eight month research period of the project is followed by the ambassador period that will top off with public cross media presentation of the project results.